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Velocity Integrated Enterprise Suite is a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform delivering end-to-end business process integration throughout the enterprise.

Velocity offers a rich collection of readily-available business applications and a flexible, no-code platform for building and running highly customizable and scalable business applications in the cloud.

With Velocity, organizations can independently design and deploy business applications that enhance and continuously improve business processes.

Velocity Business Applications

A rich collection of readily available Business Applications. Off-the-shelf, Ready to use. Cloud-based SaaS.

  • Integrated Management System
    Integrated Management System
  • CRM (Marketing, Sales, Service)
    CRM (Marketing, Sales, Service)
  • Brand and Channel Performance
    Brand and Channel Performance
  • Business Intelligence
    Business Intelligence
  • Rich Integrations
    Rich Integration Options

Velocity Business Applications is a rich collection of readily available applications that connect business data, business processes, and business intelligence into an integrated suite of highly connected solutions.

Velocity allows the tailoring of these existing Business Applications to fit the business's needs and existing infrastructure, while new applications can also be created and integrated.


The Platform for Highly-Customizable, Scalable And Connected Business Applications Build. Automate. Create Value. Today.

For End-Users

For End-Users

Velocity offers beautifully designed and easy-to-use business applications, that are consistent on mobile and desktop, and enabled with rich integrations

For Business Analysts

For Business Analysts

Velocity empowers business analysts with no-code design and deployment, a rich repository of business architecture patterns and practices, and a complete, modular architecture that enables deploying improvements incrementally while delivering value today.

For IT

For IT

Velocity features domain-centric architecture with clean, domain-driven design, highly-performant API services, a resilient, scalable, and self-healing infrastructure, and reduction of costs with its cloud-based software-as-a-service model.

The Velocity Platform is a no-code, low-code, pro-code platform for flexible design and deployment of highly-customizable, scalable and connected business applications. It delivers:

  • Great user experience, consistent on Desktop and Mobile
  • Contemporary business architecture with cutting-edge design patterns
  • Rapid design and deployment with intuitive and easy to use GUI designer
  • Visual business rules editor with integrated pro-code editor - a preference boost for beginners and experts alike
  • Scalable API Services for all domain entities and processes out of the box
  • Rich Integration Opinions
  • Modern Technology Stack

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) With Velocity

Automate High-Volume, Repeatable and Laborious Tasks That Take up a Large Percentage of Your Employees’ Time

With its Visual Workflow Builder and rich integration options, Velocity offers extensive capabilities for Business Process Service Delivery Automation. Manual document and image processing is automated utilizing a subfield of Machine Learning (ML) called Deep Learning, which models abstractions by using a deep graph with multiple processing layers - also known as a neural network. This approach is superior compared to traditional Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions that utilize rule-based automations, where users need to carefully create many complicated rules that require frequent updates. Our automation solutions include:

  • Retail Image Recognition for Product Availability, Shelf and Planogram Analysis and Monitoring
  • Document Classification: Automatically Classify Large Volume of Documents Into Categories
  • Invoice Processing Automation: Automate the Process of Invoice Scanning, Data Extraction and Classification
  • Data Extraction From Paper or PDF Documents
  • Archiving and Data Mapping
  • Personal Data Masking
  • Similar Image Detection

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