Velocity Platform

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Velocity enables organizations to independently build powerful and easy-to-use business applications that capture business processes without needing to write low-level code. It helps businesses enhance and continuously improve those processes to deliver end-to-end business process integration throughout the enterprise.

Great User Experience Consistent on Desktop and Mobile

With its highly customizable and adaptive Client Applications, Velocity delivers great user experience and modern design out of the box.

  • Beautifully designed interface components
  • Easy-to-use applets
  • Consistent experience on desktop and mobile
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Contemporary Business Architecture With Cutting-Edge Design Patterns

  • Business-focused architecture with a clean, carefully-crafted modular design
  • Design methodologies following the principles and best practices of Domain Driven Design (DDD)
  • Bounded Contexts designed in layers with explicit, inward-directed relationships
  • Built-in repository of Business Architecture and Process patterns and practices
  • Data Model shared across all applications
  • Ubiquitous Domain Model

Rapid Design and Deployment With Intuitive and Easy to Use GUI-Based Business Model Designer

No-code, low-code, and pro-code options for design and deployment of highly customizable, scalable and connected business applications

  • Intuitive user interface significantly reduces training time
  • Instant preview allows to view the entity record view and model as you build it
  • Support for both mobile and desktop platforms enables users to work on their projects even on the go
  • Feature-rich to handle high-complexity projects
  • Fast and easy setup
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Visual Workflow Builder: A Performance Boost for Beginners and Experts Alike

With a visually appealing, simplified design and advanced logic handling, the Visual Workflow Builder allows you to easily create business process workflows including complex ones.

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Integrated Pro-Code Editor

Advanced users can edit business rules directly in the Code Editor, enabling customized automation beyond the general functionality available in the Visual Rules Editor.

  • Real-time syntax checks
  • Smart IntelliSense
  • Auto-complete
  • Use of the industry-standard JavaScript language
  • Enhance the productivity of advanced users
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Scalable API Services for All Domain Entities and Processes Out of the Box

Velocity’s API services allow interaction with the domain model from inside and outside of Velocity and follow the modern design patterns of Command–Query Separation (CQS) and Event Sourcing.

  • Command and Query API endpoints are automatically generated and available for each domain entity, allowing you to access the full capabilities of your data model from a single endpoint
  • Command API Services: implementing the base CRUD operations, with Command Request Entities available for complex business processes
  • Query API Services: Velocity’s advanced graph-based domain-specific query language (DSQL) allows the retrieval of multiple resources in a single request, with a data result shaped exactly how you need it
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Rich Integration Options

Infrastructure Services enable the domain model to interact with databases, email, SMS and other communications layers, translation and NLP engines, geocoding, address validation, social media, language and image processing, AI, and more via synchronous and asynchronous communication layers with Process Model shared across all applications.

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Modern Technology Stack

With its ORM, the Velocity Platform supports compatibility with modern relational databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL, and cloud-based versions such as Azure SQL, AWS Aurora, and AWS RDS.


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